Product of the Month

Product of the Month

The Product of the Month is none other than Love Tea Chicago. What makes this company so special is operated by a married couple( James and Shelby). Their tea concept came one day when James was ill and his wife Shelby made him a cup of hot tea with her special ingredients. She noticed he felt better right afterward and that is when the idea of Love Tea Chicago was born. Ever since that day, this couple has been grinding and it is no coincidence that their tea is found in more than 10 locations across Chicago.

They have a range of tea and lemonades from flavor from strawberry lemonade, peach tea, mint lemonade, and many more. This couple has big plans to expand this company on a larger scale to be in multiple cities. If you are in the Chicagoland area then make sure you click the link below to see where you can find your Love Tea Chicago.


To learn more about Love Tea Chicago click here