Restaurant of the Month

Restaurant of the Month

The Restaurant of the Month is none other than Turkey Leg Hut(TLH). They are heating up the Houston street with their famous Stuffed Turkey Legs. Most people may say I can find another turkey leg somewhere else so why wait in the long line? Well, go take a visit and you will understand.

When we took a visit to TLH we were blown away on how tender the turkey was. Turkey was so tender that if you pick up the bone, the entire meat will drop. They have stuffed turkey legs like shrimp Alfredo(picture/video below), crawfish mac n cheese, and more. They just don’t just stop there though. You can also get some of their most popular items like the turkey tacos, crawfish boils that they have on occasions, and sauteed spinach with mushrooms

For those who live in Houston, they already know that TLH is a vibe but for those who have not been, plan a trip and get here.  This is something you will definitely need to check off your bucket list.


To learn more about Turkey Leg Hut click here